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fall dates ~ september 18th or 19th, 7-10:30

open enrollment dates ~ JULY 14, 3-6

“There is no such thing as good or bad acting...       

  The acting is either more complete or less complete, more free or   

  less free, more deep or less deep. Less is not more - less is just less.”

~ Yvonne Suhor

The Art's Sake organic film acting approach is a process, in and of itself. It is based on the leading Film-Acting training for Los Angeles actors: The Meisner Technique. The crux of Meisner trains actors to work out of the moment, and avoid pre-planned choices.

It is especially imperative for film actors to work out of the moment, because, unlike theatre, there is NO rehearsal of choices. The film actor learns the elements of the scene on the set--scene partner, blocking, director's vision, etc. Film acting is dissimilar from theatre training in that this is not a series of classes that 'fixes' product to make it look better. The series is designed to make artists naturally more depthful, more free, authentic and truthful.

Art's Sake's training frees the actor up from the typical New York stage METHOD/Stanislavski technique (that propels so many actors to work from their brain) and nurtures spontaneous, emotionally truthful work from the gut. Bad film technique is forced naturalism: faking intimacy.

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