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6:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Ongoing advancement of acting skills. Includes elements of year long curriculum but on a more specialized, intense level. Can be repeated.

AI is an invite level class offered in 'rotations' and goes year round. Once you are approved for this class, you are eligible to come in.  This class is a place to keep your tools sharp, and stretch yourself.  From a teaching perspective, class is run like a Masters Program.  The main benefit of this class is the breadth of the work you are allowed to do, and the stellar talent you get to work with. Students are welcome to work on a variety of projects:

  • Series: Play an on-going series of scenes of the same character from a movie, TV show or play.

  • Theatre: Contemporary pieces, one-acts, musicals to classical work.

  • Monologues: For agents or theatre auditions.

  • Film/TV Scenes: Any genre.

  • One Person Shows: Original material for cold reading and to receive writing and performing notes.

  • Original Scripts: If working on a play or screenplay, you are welcome to cast it out of the class and showcase it. You will get writing notes, actors will get acting notes.

  • Auditions: Rehearsal or taping of submissions.

Completion of Art's Sake Studio year curriculum. Per invite only.

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