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Our Fall 2023 Core Classes have a few spots left! 

Email to reserve your seat and schedule your registration consultation!


Tuesdays or Wednesdays

7:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Cost: $395

The organic process is vital both to artists who are challenged by transferring theatre, commercial or improv knowledge into a successful film-tv acting process; and artists who have no process and desire to develop a SAG, 1st class approach to their work. Meisner/Method/Game-based core class is a comprehensive exploration into the vital elements of film acting: spontaneous exchange of energy, trading fear for freedom, using your own unique authenticity and depth to bring a character to life, heightening your personal power in the industry, advanced marketing strategies for getting cast, professional cold reading techniques, monologues and scene analysis.

The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

No previous acting experience or education required.
You must be 18 years of age or older to enroll.

Core Film Class
Foundations of Organic Film Acting
& Working in the Industry


  • Meisner Technique: Beginning through intermediate focus on working in the moment off one’s partner. Allowing spontaneous impulses to come to play without censoring or judging them. Honing the listening and reacting skills. Learning where to put one’s intrinsic focus while acting.

  • Film Games: A variety of games which enhance the understanding of what happens when you are in front of the camera: How to use your deepest self, film face & body, working moment to moment, film genres, from sitcom to drama, emotional prep work, connecting with partner.

  • Marketing: Introduction to the film industry and how you fit in. Information on headshots, resumes, meeting with agents.

  • Monologue Preparation: Selection, performance and contrast.

  • Auditions: How to cold read, how to meet with an agent.

  • Scenework: Preparation and performance.

Although there is a minimal amount of taping in this class, it is the gut determination to expose students to film acting approaches without the hindrance of taping and watching the work. A dominantly visual process breeds a gross level of self-consciousness for young artists and unnecessary focus on physical appearance. When the film acting work is sincere, deep and complete, it looks good organically. If you want to see what great film acting looks like watch accomplished actors!

The objective of the Core Film Class is to familiarize artists with the “event” that occurs in the film acting process. The main thrust of the energy exchange work is preparing the actor to play off his/her partner from the “impulse center.” Physical relaxation is done to provide artists with a sense of ease, relaxation being a crucial element in film naturalism. Emotional freedom stems from creating an open path to and from the solar plexus. The focus of the work is NOT on how an actor LOOKS on film but, how organic connection creates film spontaneity. Partner-intensive exercises are executed in an effort to develop deep awareness on how to give birth to TRUTH In-the-Moment!

The philosophy for this work is rooted in the conviction that one is far more dimensional when the personal self is engaged, than with the inexperienced actor’s tendency to rely on line readings, attitude, tricks, and a stifled film persona.

Core Film Class capitalizes on concepts well described in A Practical Handbook for the Actor: You must stay in tune with the responses you are receiving. This requires a great deal of bravery and will due to the fact that you can never know exactly what is going to happen next. You must embrace each moment and act on it. Do whatever occurs to you whether it is appropriate for the scene. Allow all your impulses out without censoring or judging them. It is unfortunate that many actors find the emotional aspect of acting so frustrating, because creating emotion is not their concern. When you’ve learned to place your attention on the other person, your intrinsic feelings will manifest themselves specific to the moment at hand. If you work for an emotional result, you will pollute what you have learned so far. It is impossible for you to become the character you are playing. Character is an illusion. The reason great actors are so compelling is that they have the courage to bring their personalities to bear on everything they do. Your humanity is an absolutely vital contribution.

Once the Core Film course is completed, and talent learns the FEELING and excitement of honest film reacting, the exploration in Film Scene Study, analyzes a more intensive focus on the homework and imagination process.

The person you are is a thousand times more interesting

than the best actor you could ever hope to be.


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